Smell my Feet Trick Or Treat Bag

Pipsy is proud to announce our exclusive line of trick or treat bags, including our best-seller "Smell my Feet".  

If you pick a black tote, the skull will be white. If you pick a white or natural tote, the skull will be black.

LIGHTWEIGHT TOTE: Our 100% cotton natural canvas totes measure 15 by 16 inches and have a 22 inch handle. It is a 5oz cotton Liberty Brand bag. Our totes are the perfect size: big enough to tote your books and lunch to work, but not too large as to be overwhelming. This is a lightweight tote bag. The base is not gusseted.

HEAVYWEIGHT TOTE: Our 100% cotton natural canvas totes measure 14.75″W x 14.75″H have 22″ handles and a 5” gusset. It is a 12oz cotton Liberty Brand bag. This bag is better if you carry larger quantities, groceries, or heavy loads.

OVERSIZED TOTE: Similar to our heavyweight tote, but way bigger, this 12 oz. tote measures 20″ x 15″, has 22″ handles and a 5″ gusset.

COLOR NOTE: For natural totes, the color of the fabric can vary slightly from batch to batch due to natural variations.

TIMING: Totes take about 4-5 days to make. During crunch times, this can be slightly longer due to the volume of orders we are getting. Shipping adds another 2-5 business days.


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