Fresh Water Africa

Fresh water is priceless. It's such a basic need, that most of us truly can't imagine not being able to drink clean, safe water whenever we want it. But for millions of Africans, this is a daily reality.

Prior to founding Pipsy, the owner, Elizabeth, was an environmental engineer, specializing in groundwater contamination and cleanup. She analyzed water, worked with drill rigs, and designed remediation projects. As such, she saw the effects of poor or contaminated water supplies - which can be devasting to a fragile body.

Starting May 1st, 2013, we made a committment to fund clean drinking water initiatives for every sale made on With every order, you will be providing the resources for children in Africa to have clean drinking water. We didn't raise our prices. We didn't lower our production costs. We just decided to make less money and give back more. Simply get fresh designs, and children get fresh water.

Pipsy is partnering with Blood: Water Mission to help build wells and provide clean drinking water resources throughout Africa, including Kenya, Uganda, Ethopia, Zambia, Rwanda, and others. The cost of not having access to clean water is higher than just the loss of health. It includes the loss of opportunity for education. Blood:Water Mission helps ensure that a child does not have to walk miles to collect water each day, but can instead spend that time in the classroom.

So please, feel good when you purchase from Last year, we provided the resources to give around 1,500 children access to clean water for a year. If you are interested in going beyond the donation from your purchase, please visit the Blood: Water Mission website to learn more and donate.