Our story

About Us.

Whether you’re celebrating a memorable occasion or an everyday moment, we’re here to help you make it special. We create beautiful items for babies and kids (and the people who love them). Made BY moms FOR moms who love beautiful, fresh designs. Playful enough for the little ones, but sophisticated enough to suit your unique tastes.

Each Pipsy design is fully customizable to your style. The best part? We don’t charge extra to make your items extra special. Making sure you love every last detail is simply part of our process.

Our small all-woman team is constantly working diligently, sketching new designs, tinkering with our collections, and getting items produced and sent to you in a jiffy. We love setting trends rather than following them, and we’ve been known to have fun with snarky, smart mugs and gifts that are oh-so-Instagram-worthy (if we do say so ourselves)!

Our Roots.

Pipsy was founded by Elizabeth Holliday in 2007. She took what was supposed to be a short break from her career as a nuclear and environmental engineer to stay home with her 3 children. The children's nap times quickly turned into creative time for Elizabeth, and her love for illustration and pattern design began to blossom.

After designing a few invitations and stationery sets for her own children, she fell in love with the creative process and the physical work of producing items. It turns out the attention to detail that made her a good engineer translated well into graphic design and production.

Elizabeth coded the first website herself, and set up a tiny online presence. The business grew much faster than expected, as other moms were also tired of cookie-cutter items from the big-box stores. Within a few years, it was apparent that Elizabeth's short break from engineering would become permanent.

Fifteen years later, Pipsy is still all about creativity and producing the highest quality products. We obsess over details, and wouldn't sell a product we wouldn't use ourselves. We have two manufacturing facilities for physically large items (like blankets) but most of our products are handmade by our team in our 2,000 square foot Nashville production studio.

Our Team.

Pispy is powered by hardworking, creative women. Most are moms, so the products we make come from our real-life experiences and needs. As we've learned, mothers make great makers!  

In addition to the moms, we employ some wonderful young women (from high school to college). We provide a flexible work environment where they can focus on school work (the most important thing!) while gaining e-commerce, graphic design, and maker skills. 

We give back.

Elizabeth spent years as an environmental engineer working on groundwater cleanups, and realizes that clean drinking water is essential for children all over the world. This is why we donate a portion of all Pipsy.com sales to Blood Water Mission, which provides thousands of children in Africa with access to clean water. Thanks to you for helping us make it happen! ♥