Bubblegum or Candy Party

August 01, 2011

A bubblegum birthday party is a fun, bright way to celebrate your little girl's special day. We've pulled together inspiration, shopping resources, two DIY tutorials, and a simply swanky recipe for bubblegum ice cream.

1. The Invitation

The invitation is bright yellow chevron stripes, showcasing a gumball machine filled with bright gum.  You can find the invitation on our website or at our etsy shop.

2.  The Tutu

I fell IN LOVE with this bubblegum tutu by Atutudes.  I adore the simple elegance of it - the white skirt with the dots is perfection.  You can find it at their etsy shop.  The amazing photo was taken by Amy at Bella Bliss Photography.

3.  Party Decor

Tammy at Tammy Mitchell Photography has developed a wonderful tutorial for gumball machine party decor.  Can you believe it's made from a terra cotta pot?  You can get all the details here.

4.  Fabric Party Hats

I'm a big believer in having at least one handmade component at a party.  None of us have time to do it all by hand, but if you take the time to create one piece, I really think it adds so much heart to your party.

I've created a tutorial for very simple fabric party hats.  Check back here Wednesday for all the details.  You can use it for this gumball party, but the same idea will work for all sorts of parties.  If you don't have time to make this yourself, you can check out my favorite party hat designer at Stella and Livi on etsy.

5.  For the Birthday Girl

Of course, all girls (young and old alike) love jewelry...and who could resist this sweet bracelet from The Lucky Elephant.  It's sized especially for girls, and the elephant with the raised trunk is a symbol of good luck.  (On a personal note, I'm a huge fan of The Lucky Elephant - I wear one of her designs almost daily!)

6. Gumball Machine Cake Pops

I am amazed at the detail on these cake pops.  I've made cake pops so many times, but I have NO IDEA how Terri Williams at CraftyWorkinMommy made such exquisite gumball machines.  It's safe to say, I'd be ordering these cake pops, not even attempting to try this at home!

7.  Gumball Machine Cookies

These gumball machine cookies are too cute!  I found them at The Cookie Jar on etsy.  Check out their full shop - they have tons of great party theme cookies.

8.  Cupcake Poms

These pom cupcake toppers are great because they get across the idea of the bubble gum party, but without being too literal.  SixBitterSweets on etsy will make them in the color of your choice.

9.  The Recipe for Homemade Bubblegum Ice Cream

Bubblegum ice cream was my fav as a child, and I thought it would be great to make some to go along with this party theme.  I scoured the internet, and came up with two options:

Option A - If you are a classically trained French chef, with tons of experience (and perhaps a staff to clean up behind you), then I highly recommend you try this recipe by famed chef Alain Ducasse.  (tutorial courtesy of fxcuisine.com)

Option B - If you're a mere mortal, do it the simply swanky way:  Take some high quality strawberry ice cream and stir in some double bubble bubble gum.


Sorry, this theme is just too wonderful to stop at the photos.  Here are some other ideas to try...

* Bubblegum Cake - line the base of the birthday cake with bright gumballs in the party colors.

* Party Favor - Check out this great tutorial for necklaces made from gumballs from One Charming Party.

* Healthy Party Food - Use a melon baller to carve out watermelon, cantelope and other fruits for a bubblegum inspired snack.

* Bridal Shower - make bubblegum rings (using ring bases from Michaels and a touch of hot glue).

* Party Activity - Pin the Gumball Felt Party Game by Sella and Livi

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