Cowboy Party

August 14, 2011

Little boys love cowboys, but this twist on the party makes it perfect for a first birthday bash - because the guest of honor is on a rocking horse!

1. The Invitation

The invitation is shows a cowboy on a rocking horse - perfect for a first birthday!  You can find the invitation on our website or at our etsy shop.  We also have a version available with a cowboy on a horse for an older child's birthday.

2.  The Bib

I found the perfect bib at Elizabeth Horton on etsy.  It would be too cute to pull this out at cake time!

3.  The Decor

For the cowboy theme, I would use denim and bandanas everywhere.  I love the idea of using bandanas as napkins, like this one from All You.

4.  Trail Mix Bar

I found this idea at Socially Circled and LOVED it!  Cari was actually throwing a camping party, but the idea works perfectly here.  Set up a trail mix bar with all sorts of goodies, let the kids fill their own mason jar, and you have the perfect party favor!  The burlap tablecloth is a great touch, too.

5. Cookies

I bumped into these cookies on flickr a while back, and couldn't wait to share them with you.  I love how the birthday boy's name is spelled out on sheriff's badges!  These awesome cookies were made by Aileen at A Master Creation.

6.  The Cake

I can't even describe how awesome this cake is!  The rope is amazing, but so is the 3D detail on the belt buckle.  The were made by Sugar Custom Cake Shop in Oklahoma - check them out on Facebook, too - you won't believe how big their following is.

7. Wall Vinyl as Decor

We've all seen parties with beautiful fabric hung behind the food or dessert table to create the scene.  What I haven't seen, though, is someone use a custom wall vinyl on a wall to dress up the table!  This rodeo vinyl is by Vinyl Wall Accents on etsy.

8. Favor Boxes

I love the detail on these western favor boxes by Wrap It Up on etsy.  The bandana tissue paper and sheriff's badges are perfect.

9.  First Cowboy Boots!

These cowboy boots make me melt.  Sooooo cute!  You can find them at Pod Shoes on etsy.


*Hay Bales

*Stick Horses

*An autography pony (we did this for one of my kids and she still loves it years later)

*Root beer and lemonade served in mason jars

*Adorable "wanted" favor tags from Fairest LJ on etsy

* Make a cardboard box western town

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