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DIY Tutorial | Drink Umbrellas

June 01, 2011

As you know, it's the little touches that really make your party stand out from the rest.  This simple tutorial will show you how to make drink umbrellas to coordinate with your party.  I designed the patterns to coordinate with our Blue Baby Shower, but you can apply the same steps using any patterned paper.


You will need:  toothpicks, patterned paper OR a printer to print out our template, glue, scissors, and a cold drink.


drink-umbrella-tutorial-step-2 drink-umbrella-tutorial-step-3 drink-umbrella-tutorial-step-4 drink-umbrella-tutorial-step-5

Simply Swanky Suggestions:

1.  If you are using your own patterned paper, you can just trace a can or glass to make your circle templates.  Make sure they are at least 3 inches in diameter or the umbrellas will be too small.

2.  If you are using photoshop and like my patterns, you can color adjust the entire page (command-u) to switch the blue to any color you like.

3.  Consider blowing up the templates larger on a copier and making big umbrellas for centerpieces around a baby or bridal shower.  You can use a chopstick instead of the toothpick.

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