Hollywood Movie Party

September 12, 2011

Movie birthday parties are always a hit with the kids - and we've gathered together some ideas to make the event event more "red carpet worthy!"

1.  The Invitation

The invitation was originally made for my son's birthday party, and then became one of our top sellers ever.  You can add the age of the birthday kid under "take".  I also make custom "showtime" envelope liners to match the design.  You can find the movie clapboard invitation on our website or our etsy shop.

2. Red Carpet

I bumped into this idea on Pinterest, and I just think any kid would love it!  Take an inexpensive piece of red fabric, make stars with the kids' names, and you're all set for the paparazzi!    The idea came from Kristi at  Punkin Seed Creations - you can read all about it on her blog.

3.  Candy Stand

I love movie candy - and this cute candy stand from Pottery Barn Teen is a perfect centerpiece for the dessert table.

4. Popcorn Cupcakes

I've seen popcorn cupcakes around the internet for a while, but I still can't get over how real they look!  The "popcorn" is actually mini-marshmallows sprayed with a touch of yellow food coloring.  The absolute best example I have seen is on Peppermint Creative.  It was done by Mrs. Jebby and can be found here.  She's really a great baker and a great photographer!

5.  Fondant Cupcake Toppers

These move cupcake toppers are incredibly detailed and such a great idea.  You can find them at Clever Cupcakes in Montreal.

6.  Popcorn Party Favors

This is the most clever idea I've seen for movie party cupcakes - "Thanks for Popping By!"  These were favors used a party featured on the Jac o' lyn Murphy Blog.  She's got some great ideas for a lot of parties.  You should definitely look through her blog.

7.  Cake Pops

These adorable cake pops in the shape of popcorn boxes can be found on etsy at Sugar Spice Sweetery.

8.  Popcorn Bags

Obviously, popcorn is a required ingredient for this party, and I just love these retro-looking bags I found on Hey Yo Yo.  You get 50 bags for only $7, so it's a great deal.

9. Cupcake Wrappers

These cinema-themed cupcake wrappers by CakeaDoodleDoo are perfect for a movie party!  CakeaDoodleDoo doesn't just use purchased templates to make her wrappers - she dreams up and creates each design herself.  She starts out sketching her ideas in a notebook then transforms each design into into cardstock. Since her designs are unique creations, the only place you can get them is in her Etsy shop.

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