Pink Flamingo Pool Party Inspiration

May 05, 2014

My 7 year old is busy planning her birthday party (she’s like her mom and loves all the details).  She has a few different ideas, so I’m putting together some party inspiration boards for her to choose between.  The party isn’t until late summer, so she has time to decide which theme she wants.

The first idea she wants to explore is a pink flamingo party at the pool. I’m envisioning a mass of plastic pink flamingos at the entrance, and then these details as you enter the party.You can follow my flamingo party board on Pinterest – I’ll be adding new pins as I get ideas.

Flamingo Birthday Invitation:  I designed the invitation with this party in mind.  We usually invite 20 or so girls, so I loved the visual of a flock of flamingos in the water.  The invitation will make the girls smile, but is still sophisticated enough to please mom.  The 2 sided print adds a pop of color – and we can add your daughter’s photo to the back for a personal touch.

Flamingo Cupcake Stand:  I just adore this flamingo cupcake stand!  I wouldn’t just use it for this party, though – it would be great at all sorts of summer gatherings.

Flamingo Swim Suit:  This aqua flamingo swim suit from Garnet Hill was the inspiration behind the party.  We got it as a gift from Grandma this year, and it’s just adorable.   {Thanks again, Grandma!}

Blue and Pink Macarons:  I found this photo on Tumbler, but can’t locate the original source for it.  If anyone knows, please let me know in the comments so I can give credit.    Martha Stewart has a good recipe if you want to try making macarons yourself.

Pink Flamingo Cookies: I found this image on Pinterest, and it doesn’t link to the original source.  Again, leave a comment if you have any idea who should get credit.  The cookies are adorable, and the perfect shade of pink.  Another idea would be to make a cookie with the flamingo body, and then use a striped paper straw for the legs.  Cookies on a stick are always a hit at parties.

Flamingo Lollipops:  These white chocolate flamingo lollipops are adorable. I found them on Chasing Pink Fireflies on Etsy.  You should check out her full shop – the cake pops are adorable, and she’s got something for just about every party theme.

Flamingo Straw Toppers:  I found the flamingo straw toppers at Oriental Trading Company.  They come with ugly pink straws, so I just did a small diy hack and opened the straw toppers and put in a cute paper straw that matched my party decor.  The straw toppers are only $2.50 for a dozen, and they really add a nice touch to the party.

Coral/Watermelon Sun Dress:  This easy sundress for mom is perfect for the party.  You do realize that her party is a reason for you to get a new dress, right? ??

Tissue Poms:  I found these poms on ebay (under $10 for 3).  That’s a great deal, or if you have the inclination, you can make some yourself – see my diy tutorial here.

Paper Goods:  I’m in love with the striped aqua square paper plates and pink polka dot napkins from Smash Cake & Company.  This shop has all sorts of darling party goods – it’s definitely worth checking them out.

Chalkboard Sign:  I think this is my favorite idea for the party – this awesome chalkboard frame is from Shugabee Lane on etsy.  She does lots of bold frame colors and has a lot of different sizes.  I’d put a chalkboard frame at the pool entrance to welcome the guests – and then, of course, I can use it later in the Swanky Press office.  It’s that cute!

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