Princess Party

September 24, 2011

At some point, almost every little girl will ask for a princess party. But since the girls also go to each other's princess parties, this theme (and paper Disney Princess plates) can really get overdone. I've pulled together some ideas to make your princess party stand out from the rest.  The ideas all complement Swanky Press' Princess line, which has invitations, melamine plates, and an coordinating stationery.  We also just launched a second princess line based on a damask pattern and vintage crown.

As I run across new ideas in the future, I'll add them to my Princess Party idea board on Pinterest - feel free to check it out and/or follow it.

1.  The Invitation

The invitation is from my princess line.  It looks really great dressed up with some rhinestones on the crown too!  You can find it on our website or in our etsy shop.

2.  The Pink Carpet

I saw this pink carpet entrance on Pinterest, and I think it's brilliant.  What little girl wouldn't love to arrive to a party and get to walk in on a fabulous pink carpet?  The idea is from a party thrown by Christi at P is for Party.  You really should check out her blog on the entire  party - she did a fabulous job!

3.  Simple, but Beautiful Princess Cake

The idea of this cake is great.  A simple, two-tier cake with pink frosting - something even those of us that are a little challenged in the kitchen can still probably do.  Then, add a store-bought tiara and it's ready to go!  Although there are a million pics out there of beautiful, elaborate princess cakes, I wanted to show just how easy it could be to do something special even if you don't have a baker at your disposal.

I wish I knew who to credit for this simple, but sweet cake.  I've found it used on the internet several times, but no one has ever linked back to the original source (that I can find, anyway!)

4.  Pink Popcorn

Pink popcorn is the perfect snack for the party.  The idea (and recipe) come from Erin at Erin Cooks.  I'd recommend putting the popcorn in paper cones and having them easy to reach for the girl.  It's a great grab and go snack during party time.

5.  Crown Sandwiches

Holly Eddins at Creative Party Blog has some great ideas and activities for parties of all kinds, but I loved the simplicity of her crown sandwiches.  What a great way to get the royal court to have something healthy during the party!

6.  Princess Hats

These princess hats are adorable!  It would be easy to buy mass-manufactured sparkly crowns, but I love the old-school charm of these princess hats.  You can find them at Party Accessories on etsy.

7.  Crown Cupcake Toppers

These sweet fondant crowns make the perfect topper to cupcakes!  I've seen a lot of flat fondant crowns, but I loved that Two Sugar Babies on etsy made these 3D!

8.  Tissue Paper Poms

Tissue poms are an easy and inexpensive way to make any party space more special.  Try grouping these pink poms over the dessert table for a very royal effect.  You can find them at Fiesta Pom Pom on etsy.

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