Strawberry Party Inspiration

July 07, 2015

Strawberry season is here – which makes a wonderful theme for a birthday party!  I’ve gathered up some of my favorite ideas here, and included links to all of these wonderful sites below the photo.  Check out my Pinterest strawberry party idea board for new ideas as I keep adding them.

TIP:  Check back later this week because we’ll be offering a free printable Strawberry item!

1. Invitations by Swanky Press (printed and DIY are both available).

2. DIY tutorial for a tissue paper strawberry from

3. Amazing Strawberry Cake – found on EverythingFab and cake was made by GloriousTreats.

4. DIY Strawberry Garland from

5. Strawberry Beanbag Game from

6. Embroidered Strawberry Tank from ModernFrills.  (BTW…I love Modern Frills. She’s made shirts for my girls and they are always amazing quality!)

7. Strawberry Balloons (red polka dot balloons embellished with green construction paper stems)

8. Strawberry Shortcake Skewers from Verjaardaghapjes.

9.  Strawberry party favors from CatchMyParty and TwinkleTwinkleLittleParty.

10. Strawberry Mason Jar from ReclaimedCulture.

11. Strawberry Sugar Cookies from

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