Superhero Party

July 18, 2011

It's a bird...it's a plane...It's ....Super Hero Party Inspiration!  A superhero party doesn't have to be hard to pull off - but done right, it can make you look a little like Super Mom.  Read on for party activities, shopping resources,  TWO sets of free printables, and a DIY tutorial for making a simple superhero mask.

I had so much fun pulling these ideas together, I think I'll be using it for my daughter's 5th birthday next month (everything done in hot pink, of course)!

1.  The Invitation

The superhero invitation can be found on our website or in our etsy shop - and the colors can be switched as needed to coordinate with your kid's favorite hero!

2. The Drinks

I made printable bottle labels with "Pop!", "Glug!" and "Fizz" on the front.  You can download them for free here.  Then just print them on regular paper and tape them on bottles of brightly colored soda.  I used Jones Soda in Strawberry Lime flavor, but there are plenty of options.

3.  The Capes

What would a superhero party be without capes?  I fell in love with these capes from Super Kid Capes on etsy.  I love the idea of having one for each kid with their initial, but she also has more affordable capes in solid colors.  Make sure you check out the entire shop - there are so many options to choose from!

4.  The Masks

Making superhero masks to match your party is way easier and more affordable than you think.  I whipped up a template, bought 3 sheets of felt and some elastic at Michaels, and was able to make 3 masks for only $1.50. Granted, they aren't as pretty as the ones you can buy, but I love having a home-made touch at a party.  You can read the entire tutorial and download a free template here.

5. Activity and Snacks

You can combine food AND an activity with a "Pick Your Superpower" food buffet.  Each food can be labeled with a superpower that you receive after eating it.  You can download the printables for free here.  Just print them on cardstock, cut, and attach lollipop sticks if needed.  Our favorite food and super power combos are

* Laser Vision - carrots

* Super Strength - cheese cubes

* Super Speed - blueberries (to be healthy) or chocolate (to be realistic!)

The printables also include tags for Flying, Mind Reading, and Shape Shifting.  Personally, I'd probably use Jello for shape shifting.  I'd love to hear your suggestions for Mind Reading and Flying.

(For an older group of kids, consider having an empty bowl.  When they ask, tell them that one is for Invisibility!)

6.  Cake Pops

Pia from Cake Pop Fusion is one my favorite party vendors.  I told her I was doing a Super Hero theme, and she came up with these ADORABLE flying superman cake pops!  You can find Cake Pop Fusion on etsy - and check out her blog, too!

7. Favor Bags

I fell in love with these cute favor bags by Paper Nook!  They can be personalized with each child's name - and the first letter of their name can be put in the hero "symbol".

8. Fondant Cupcake Toppers

These "Pow" cupcake toppers from Two Sugar Babies will make your home-made or store-bought cupcakes look amazing.  Order them in advance, and then just place them on your cupcakes right before the party.  It's a simple step that really adds a great touch to the party.

9. Party Plates

It's easy to find plates with specific superheroes on them (Batman, Superman etc.), but I thought these comic-inspired plates were a great way to make this theme work for all superheroes.  You can find them at Birthday Direct.

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