Woodland Gnome Party

July 25, 2011

I love garden gnomes.  Every time I see one, it makes me smile.  Gnomes are a fun, whimsical theme for so many types of parties:  birthdays (boy or girl), bridal shower, or baby shower.  There are endless ways to tweak this theme to work for so many party occasions.

1.  The Invitation

The featured invitation is for a gnome birthday, but would work just as well with a boy and girl gnome holding hands for a bridal or couples shower.  You can find the invitation on our website or at our etsy shop.

2.  Gnome Cake Pops

Sweet Lauren Cakes in San Francisco makes the most ADORABLE gnome cake pops!  Custom cake pops are their specialty - they haven't had a design challenge they couldn't meet.  When I started reading through their blog, I was so inspired by some of the beautiful and delicious custom designs they've done.

3.  Toadstool Wand

I believe this toadstool wand from Imagination Kids on Etsy would add the perfect "magical" touch to your gnome party.  You could use it as part of the decor, or simply have it out for play.

4.  Polka Dot Mary Janes

I fell in love with these sweet shoes the minute I saw them.  If your party is for a birthday, they are perfect for the birthday girl to wear.  If it's a baby shower...voila...the perfect gift!  You can find them at Gracious May on Etsy.

5.  Photo Props!!!

What would a great theme party be without a photo station and photo props?  These awesome gnome hats (with removable beards) would be great props for the party -whether it's for kids OR adults!  You can find the hats and beards at Mystsic Moor on etsy.

6. Healthy Snacks

I found this idea on a flickr photostream posted by Iron Orchid Photography.  They used hardboiled eggs, tomato caps, and feta cheese to make a "growing food" snack for the party.  Too clever!

7. Cupcake Toppers

These edible fondant toppers were made by Death by Cupcake on etsy.  I've just found this shop, but I think they've got some really original ideas. (I've tagged at least 2 more of their designs already for upcoming features!)  This up and coming shop is worth checking out.

8. Gnome Home Tshirt

This gnome home tshirt from the Bird and Elephant on etsy works perfectly for either a birthday boy or girl...and can even be made in a onsie if this is a baby shower.


Sorry, this theme is just too wonderful to stop at the photos.  Here are some other ideas to try!

* Gnome Hats - Cover regular party hats with red felt to make gnome party hats

* Decor - use red and white dotty balloons; use green moss everywhere; white daisies;

* Food - Carve dots out of the tops of radishes, and then carve stem in the bottom half for an edible and decorative centerpiece

* Wedding or Bridal Shower - check out these awesome cake toppers:  here, here and here

* Favor Bags:  Red dotty bags at Sweet Lulu - add a mushroom cookie and your're ready to go!

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